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    Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) and Head and Neck surgery

    What is ENT and Head and Neck surgery?

    ENT (ear, nose and throat) and head and neck surgeons are responsible for the diagnosis, evaluation and surgical treatment of diseases of the head and neck, principally the ears, the nose, the throat, the larynx and the neck.
    ENT surgeons are primarily focused on the functional aspects of breathing, eating, speaking and hearing.

    Why is ENT surgery needed?

    You may need ENT surgery in case of certain infections. These include infections of the nose, paranasal sinus, ear, throat and larynx.
    You may also need ENT surgery in case of certain conditions like a blocked nose. Several conditions may result in a blocked nose like nasal polyp, septum deviation, enlarged inferior turbinate, and enlarged adenoid. Snoring and sleep apnea may also necessitate ENT surgery.
    Besides there are other conditions not listed here which require ENT surgery. Your ENT specialist will inform you if you have one of them.

    What kind of ENT surgical procedures are available at our hospital?

    Adenoids removal (adenoidectomy)

    The adenoids consist of lymphoid tissue and are found in the back of the nose. Being a part of the immune system the adenoid helps the body to fight diseases. In case of acute or chronic infections, the adenoid becomes swollen and may cause nasal breathing problems, sinus infections, and middle ear complications.
    In case of frequent or chronic infections, the adenoid may have to be removed (adeonoidectomy).

    Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

    Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is a reliable surgical procedure to the following symptoms:

    • Nasal Polyps
    • Chronic or acute sinusitis
    • Maxillary cyst

    Nasal polyps are soft, noncancerous swellings or outgrowths that develop in the lining of the nose or in the sinus. When nasal polyps are so large that nasal sprays (containing corticosteroid) are not effective, nasal polyp removal should be performed.When chronic and acute sinusitis (infection of the paranasal sinus) does not respond to medications, FESS is needed.

    FESS is also the right solution for maxillary cyst removal.

    Laser/Radiofrequency-Assisted Uvulo PalatoPlasty (LAUP, RAUP)

    In certain cases of snoring and sleep apnea (OSAS) laser or radiofrequency assisted plasty (reduction) of the uvula and/or soft palate may significantly improve or even eliminate the symptoms.

    Stuffy nose surgery (septoplasty, mucotomy)

    Nasal congestion is a very common problem causing breathing difficulty through the nose, and symptoms like headache, facial pain and nose bleeding. In most cases nasal obstruction is caused by a narrow nasal passage, which develops due to a deviated nasal septum or enlarged inferior turbinates.
    Septoplasty is performed to correct a crooked nasal septum, while a nasal mucotomy or turbinoplasty is performed to reduce the size of the inferior turbinates.

    Tonsils removal (tonsillectomy)

    The tonsils consist of lymphoid tissue at the back of the throat. They are involved in protecting the body from infections.
    In case of regular infections removal of the tonsils (tonsillectomy) should be considered.

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