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    Why choose our hospital


    Medicover proudly presents its hospital and advanced imaging centre in Budapest, capital of Hungary, in a warm and welcoming environment. We are dedicated to providing excellent healthcare for our patients with mutual respect, confidentiality and compassion. If you are looking for professional surgical treatment abroad at reasonable price do not hesitate to contact us.

    Medicover Hospital provides top quality, comprehensive medical services from simple screening endoscopy, general and advanced imaging to complex orthopaedic, general, ear-nose-throat (ENT), and vascular surgeries. All of our surgical procedures are provided by experienced and highly trained specialists.

    Our exclusive hospital is located in the very heart of Budapest, close to the Nyugati Square and the main sights of Budapest. The hospital can be reached easily by public transportation or by car as well.


    Why we are proud of our hospital?

    • Medicover Hospital covers 3,600 square metres (38,750 square foot) including 24 exclusive single patients rooms
    • Our hospital includes an outpatient clinic with 12 consulting and exam rooms
    • The surgeries are provided in two state-of-the-art operating rooms with subintensive hospital and post-operative surveillance rooms
    • Medicover Hospital houses our endoscopic centre providing gastroscopy and colonoscopy in general anaesthesia
    • Our advanced imaging centre, equipped with modern CT and MRI scanners is available for advanced diagnostics prior to surgical treatments


    Why choose Medicover Hospital for your surgery abroad?

    • Professional team of experienced physicians and surgeons
    • Professional and state-of-the-art imaging, diagnostic and surgery background
    • Our ISO 9001 certified hospital and imaging centre provides the highest EU recognized quality
    • Professional surgical treatments at reasonable price
    • Exclusive, modern and welcoming environment
    • Dedicated Hospital Case Manager
    • All inclusive tourism friendly services (free airport transfers, medication packages, reservation management)
    • Quotes and comprehensive treatment plans within 24 hours on weekdays on basis of your medical documents and records
    • Exclusive outpatient clinic and advanced imaging centre at site
    • Dedicated Medical Tourism Managers; fluent in English, German, French, Norwegian and Swedish

    Special offers

    Hernia repair

    Affordable hernia repair abroad in Budapest, Hungary | Medicover Hospital

    now only for 1 100 €

    Arthroscopic knee surgery

    Affordable arthroscopic knee surgery abroad in Budapest, Hungary | Medicover Hospital

    now only for 1 600 €

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